RTT time!!!

OK so it's Tuesday...than randomness it is:)
If you don't know what Random Tuesday Thoughts means, head over to The UnMom and you'll figure out quickly.


Now shall the randomness begin:

* I read the yahoo news last night, and i saw an article about a puppy being flushed in the toilet somewhere in Great Britain. Seriously people, who let their 4yrs old unsupervised with a few days old puppy. Something may happened to the both of them because kids are kids and puppies are..well puppies. Anyway you get my point... if you have toddlers running around the places, please people, don't buy small puppies, or at least don't let your kids around them unsupervised..either of them can get injured, i hope you know. Thank you very much!

* I'm trying to put up together a menu for the 4th of July, but i can't find something celebrating yet unpredictable... any help out there??

* I love the "Esprit" logo. Do you guys know it?.. it's that "E" formed out just by the horizontal lines.. i find it cool..yet somehow, yesterday i saw a small wedding boutique that stole their logo.. it was called something with "E" at the beginning, don't remember the exact name, so they thought why not use the Esprit "E"... that sucks.. but it made me wonder.. do these large companies register their complete name to the association of rights or do they also register small things as their "E" in the beginning?? anyone know anything??? no?? you don't care that much about these stupid things??? oh well than I'm a loner here:D

* Ooo now i have it with the "tax free" products in the airports.. why in the world do they call them "tax free".. i don't care if the retailer doesn't pay taxes to the state so he calls his products "tax free".. i want to pay less for those stuff, yet i pay kinda the same amount if not even more than the regular prices.... can somebody get in charge of these thieves, please?! thank you very much!

* I bought new towels for my bathroom and kitchen. And yes they were cheap but we use them when we don't have guests at your place. I have a guests set too, but since most of the times it's just me and my husband around here, cheap towels it is:D I love the feeling of new towels tough...of course i wash them first..(don't you guys?) so now we have new towels. Oh the world is good again:)

Happy Random Tuesday ladies!!!

Oh and also before i go i want to thank my friend Mel for giving me the Funky Blog Award! She is a sweetheart and she has the most adorable son! check out her blog here!

Now i want to give this award to other 4 lovely ladies and their funky blogs:)))

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Happy Random Tuesday Everyone!


Alicia said...

Oh thats soooo sad about the puppy! That makes my heart hurt! And I used to be OBSESSED with Espirit!

Claremont First Ward said...

Thank you so much! THis is one I've never recieved.

A puppy down the toilet? Yikes.

Kim said...

Thanks for the award!!! It has been fun reading your blog and I love your comments on mine! Thanks again!

Have a terrific Tuesday!

A said...

I love Tuesdays! :) Don't you?? :D

I heard about that pup getting flushed in the news today, poor little doggy..

I wash newly bought clothes, towels and anything made of fabric before I use them too.. :D

Thanks for leaving me a comment and checking out my randomness! :)

Happy Tuesday! :)

GreenJello said...
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Design It Chic said...
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Unknown said...

I need new towels. None of mine match since I repainted everything.

Laufa said...

I love new towels also. I don't have any new American traditional menues for the 4th. Sorry. We're even having Cuban Sandwiches that evening - is that wrong?
Great randomness! The puppy thing a little disturbing though.

Laufa said...

As for anything from the US, you should make friends with someone with an FPO/APO address in the military, then you can have anything american sent to you.

Kate said...

Love the randomness!

Aww that makes me so so sad about the puppy. I can't bring myself to look at the article.

If you can't find any flags, do you want me to mail you some?

Thanks for you award, sweet girl!

Kat said...
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Kimberly Wright said...

I can't believe how stupid people are re:the puppy.

This was my first time here. I am bookmarking it so I come back and read more.

Stacy Uncorked said...

That story about the puppy was sad! Poor puppy! At least he survived, but still - I agree with what you said!

I might have some 'celebrating yet unpredictable' recipes for you...I'll dig some up and email them. :)

I'm with you on the 'tax free' products in airports...

I'd be happy to mail you some flags if you still need them... :)

Happy RTT! :)