Summer Style - July Edition -

It's July already and i need to update on that Summer Style thing i started last month. It goes like this: every month I'm gonna post 3 options of styles with sources and all and you guys get to pick which one is the greatest.. for now there's no prize for that other than the inspiration and fun:) But who knows we may turn this into something else.. we'll see..

So without further ado here's the 3 options i chose for July, which actually all left from that American Eagle tote bag i so fell in love with:

Option # 1

Tote Bag $19.95 - American Eagle

Top $14.50 - Old Navy

Short Shorts $34.50 - American Eagle

Converse $45.00 - Jildor Shoes

Necklace $8.00 - Wetseal

Option # 2

Tote Bag $19.95 - American Eagle

Tube Dress $10.00 - Wetseal

Purple Scarf $8.00 - Old Navy

Kirra Sunglasses $15.50 - Pacsun

Sandals $15.00 - Old Navy (the initial ones where from AE but they were sold out as i did this yesterday actually.. but i find these good replacements at Old Navy.. so dig that)

Option # 3

Tote Bag $19.95 - American Eagle

Top $15.00 - Old Navy

Short Shorts $34.50 - American Eagle

Necklace $15.99 - Mod Cloth

Converse $50.00 - Piperlime

So.. what do you guys say??? Which one do you like better???


Katie Lane said...

Love that bag! I would choose #1

Jessica said...

I'm loving #1 and #3. So cute and summery. Too bad I'm a whale this summer and would scare anyone if I wore that!

Evy said...

Oooh, I looove choice #2! I'd actually really like to get a look like that! Great picks!

Kim said...

I really like option number three but can I pair it with option number two's shoes please!? :)

Kim said...

I also like 1 & 3! Super cute! Have fun shopping.

PS- I will get you directions for the diaper cake soon!

Lauren @ten23designs said...

1 & 3 for sure. I wish I could loose this "baby weight" so I could sport something cute like that.

Your blog is great... so many good ideas.


Jane In The Jungle said...

OK LOVE the tote and all the shoes!!!!
Uh I forgot to look at the rest, LOL!!

Ashley said...

I love number 2! I like fun, girly looks!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I like number 1 the best but they are all great!

Jennifer said...

I'm diggin' #2. Adorable dress, big glasses, cute handbag-- perfect for summer. =)

Helene said...

I like #1 and #3 the best. I'd have a hard time choosing! What I wouldn't give to be able to wear a halter top like that boobs have entered a whole new universe since having kids.

Lady Di said...

I liked #3 except I would wear sandals. Not that I do not like the shoes, I'm just a sandal wearing kind of gal in the summer.

Kate said...

Oooh I love all 3 of these options but I think #2 is my favorite! I love maxi dresses!