Chicken Breasts :) :)

I have a yummy recipe for you all today.. i call it the Orange Juice Chicken:

And the recipe is simple.. no measuring.. just ingredients and go with the flow:

boneless chicken breasts (depending on how much you want to make)
orange juice (preferably 100% fruit juice and pulp)
some kind of seasoning mix
and cayenne pepper
toasted sesame seeds

that's it! Now you chunk your chicken into approx. 1 1/2 inches square-ish forms. Melt a couple pats of butter over medium heat. Throw your chicken in. After a couple of minutes pour your orange juice until it comes up to around the level of the chicken. Crush the whole clove of garlic(or as much as you'd like) and throw some seasoning mix and cayenne pepper after taste. Keep stirring for another approx.30 min or until it looks caramel-orange-ish kind of and then sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Cook for another 3 min. and then you're done: Orange Juice Chicken is served!:)

I know I'm no Rachel Ray so bare with me.. just try and see how it tastes. It serves great with mozzarella mashed potatoes!

Ok i guess I'll leave at that! Tell me what you think? :)

Oh and by the is 09.09.09 cool is that?!? Happy Wednesday!


Jeanette said...

Beautiful blog! Stopping by from SITS!

This Mama Rocks said...

Hey, I saw your comment on my post. Thanks for stopping by! What part of Germany if you dont mind me asking? You can always email me to chat.
We stationed right outside of Frankfurt. We have been living her about a year. Still trying to learn the language! :) Thats so cool you live here as well.

Doodles said...

I love the recipe sounds great. I don't cook though so I will have to get my hubby to make it for me.

Jane In The Jungle said...

LOL, Now for the mozzarella mashed potatoes recipe!!
Sorry about the dentist....I have a great one here which is good cause I am scared to deathe of them and until I found my present one only went every 5-10 yrs!!

Amy said...

Sorry about a bad day. That looks yummy. I know 09/09/09. Wild...

Sprite's Keeper said...

That orange juice chicken looks great! I must try it..

Kim said...

How the whole denist thing works out.I am glad you explained why you are staying with her, because she sounds horrid.

The chicken recipe looks great! I will have to try it out this weekend when we have friends for the football game!

Have a gret rest of the week!

Emma @ Outmumbered said...

i hate going to the dentist...

the orange juice chicken looks gorgeous!!

Rita Templeton said...

Yum yum to the chicken - looks awesome (and more importantly simple, which I'm totally into!).

I lived in Germany from 2002-2005 and while I was there, I underwent a year of infertility treatments with a German gynecologist. What a trip. It was different than my doctors in the States, that's for sure.

And you've gotta love that exchange rate! When we moved there, they'd just switched over from the DM and it was pretty much dollar-for-Euro. That's changed a lot now, though! Ouch!

Priscilla said...

Alright girl thats delicous looking!

You are probably the only person I know to post about food and dentists at the same time ;).

MaryRC said...

that looks super yummy and easy.
ive been at the dentist all morning, just ate lunch and going back for a cleaning. im lucky, my dentist is one of my best friends (his wife is my bestest friend). he did $9000 worth of work for $1000 for me. i take him lunch at the office frequently, maybe ill take him your chicken!!

East Coast Wahine said...

I gotta try this looks soooo easy!! Thanks!

Dakermom said...

Ick, I hate the dentist. Just had a cleaning yesterday and they made me bleed. I really don't get how cleaning translates to -stab-poke-shank-'oh, you're bleeding'-'oh, lots of blood'-'oops'-poke-stab-blood-ow-'oh, you know everything looks great, but if you flossed regularly this wouldn't hurt at all! B*t@h :)
Chicken looks yummy though :)