Random Tuesday Thoughts!!!

OK so it's Tuesday...than randomness it is:)
If you don't know what Random Tuesday Thoughts means, head over to The UnMom and you'll figure out quickly.


Now let us start:

* we started decorating already... i know it may be kind of early .. but who cares???:P i like how our tree looks and all the little lights.. oh so Christmasy:) I'll have to share pictures later!

* on Saturday we plan on visiting my HG.. she's a nice lady but sometimes she gets so tacky .. she is this kind of person who likes things done a certain way and everything has to go accordingly to HER plan.. anyway i generally get past that.. i know that this is how she is.. she tells things as SHE thinks they are and everybody has to deal with that... well that's ok generally... anyway.. we called her to ask if she will be home on Saturday cause we want to visit her and seems like we're on board ..let's see how that one goes:P

* the plane tickets are just too darn expensive .. if a last minute deal won't pop up we might not get to see our friends these holidays.. and this simply sucks!!!

* today is world's AIDS day and i salute that!

* i started baking sugar cookies for these holidays.. they are yummy.. my husband and i LOVE 'em!!! now i have to get ready for baking cinnamon rolls, brownies and macadamia nuts cookies:)

Ok that's about it for randomness today :)

Happy Random Everyone!!!


Laufa said...

Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow!!
Those sweets you are making sound delicious, I have no clue what Kokosnuss Kugeln or Knodeln is, but I bet it is yummy! Hope all goes well at Grandma's house.
We have had our tree up for three weeks, so it is ok to be a little early.

Jennifer said...

That's the kind of family that I forget to visit.

Happy early birthday!

Shandal said...

Happy Birthday Eve!!! ;)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Hope all goes well at Grandma's. Hope you get to celebrate your birthday too.

Mrsbear said...

Hope you get your plane tickets. It's tough not to be able to spend the holidays with your favorite people.

Have a great Birthday and a Happy Tuesday.

I am Harriet said...

Happy birthday!
We all seem to have a grandmother type in our families. I just hope I don't become one myself :)
Have a great RTT!

Jessica said...

Have a great birthday tomorrow! That is my MIL's 50th tomorrow also.

You guys could always celebrate your bday on another day. Don't let it just slide by! :D

Terra Heck said...

Here's wishing you a wonderful birthday! Sugar cookies sound delicious. My mom makes them every year for the holidays and they're one of my favorites.

Nicole @ Chic and Cheap Nursery said...

Happy Birthday!
- It's not too early to start decorating. It's never too early to start decorating!
- Your hubby's grandma sounds FUN! Use imaginary (or real) earplugs and don't let her ruin the holidays for you!
- Tickets ARE hella crazy!!! That's all I have to say about that.

Sorry I haven't been dropping by as often as I used to. Google Reader has been kicking my @ss lately!


Together We Save said...

Love your randomness!!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow!! I love sugar cookies with frosting. I can't make them because I end up eating them all. Good luck at dinner, I hope you like and eat everything so you don't get in trouble! ;)

~ Noelle said...

I suck at remembering birthdays...
SO, just in case I forget..
Hope you have a great one!

kyooty said...

Yummy sugar cookies.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Happy birthday since it's 11pm EST here so it's already Dec 2 there!
My husband's grandmother was like that too, only Spanish, and didn't speak a word of English. I just smiled and nodded a lot. I love her anyway though.

Kim said...

Have a great Birthday tomorrow! I hope the trip to see Grandma isn't too awful :)!

MaryRC said...

awww have a wonderful birthday. arent grandma's fun... i look forward to torturing my posterity in my old age, keeps you alive i think...lol

MaryRC said...

btw did you get your award yet?


Jenni said...

In-law, the true gift of marriage, haha!

Happy, happy birthday!

Kathryn said...

Your baby stuff is so cute!! You make everything? I will have to look since I am having a baby, but I still don't know if it's a girl or boy yet! :)