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Hi all! Today i want to introduce you to our brand new campaign Show Yo' Flow @ Design It Chic. This new concept combines two of the things we have promoted here on our blog: expand and reward your blog readership.

So basically this is how it goes: we're looking for 7 applicants that own a small business and a blog too. You can apply by leaving a comment to this post. Each applicant should leave their business link(it can be anything: Etsy store, small online store, local store, anything business) & blog link in the comment section and then grab the button, so we know they're participating and on November 7 we will draw our 7 winners.
What will happen then? We will do a hip and fun interview of each individual winner about the behind their blog/business hot news, advices and maybe some fun trial and error stories, putting each and one of them in the spotlight. The only thing they have to do is to give away something representative for their blog/business (products from their store, gift certificates to their store, etc). Their giveaway will go together with the post about them so essentially the giveaway will act like a business card for them. Easy, right?! We will host the giveaways, do the interviews and take care of all the details of this awesome campaign, all you have to do is sign in! So what are you waiting for??? Have a business and a blog?? Then jump in and join our Show Yo' Flow campaign!

The list is now officially open for applicants!! Help spread the word so we bring more fun in this:)


Vanessa Jackeline said...

Hello, thanks for following my blog, your blog is very cute, how can you help me increase my blog traffic because I would like that.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the follow. Im follow you back.

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am sooo interested! Thanks for letting me know about this.


Thank ya again =)

TheCostumeReporter said...

Dizguise Costumes is a family-owned business. Today's blog post has your badge. Please check out our blog and Like us on Facebook! Here's our link:

The Costume Report


Anonymous said...

With my new design I also changed my blog home. Please visit me from now on at:
I have deleted my previous account and will now be following you form my new home.


Unknown said...

Wow, this is fabulous! I hope my business is a winner, we could really use some PR work!
Amber @ Aunt Peg's Jewelry
My business store:
my blog's:

Jacqui said...

hi i would love this



Jen said...

What a great idea!!

I have an Etsy shop at

My blog is at:

Looking forward to seeing some fun posts about other businesses!

Debbie Does Coupons said...

I am a follower. Thanks for stopping by Debbie Does Coupons

Unknown said...

Thank you for being my newest follower. As I will yours as soon I as get home from work. This computer blocks a lot of stuff on blogger.

Craftberry Bush said...

Hey! just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my little blog and leaving a means tons to me! what you're doing here is great ! everyone needs a little help with their endevours now and then.....thanks so much ! I'm your newest fan !
Lucy xo

Unknown said...

This is great! Thanks for inviting me!! Blog and business link
JulzJewlz on etsy

Unknown said...

This sounds really cool! I'd love to join something like this, but I'm not ready. I sell some patterns on, but haven't set up the links yet to sell on my blog, and I just don't have the time right now!! Good luck though!

I'm now a follower :)

very merry vintage style said...

Glad you stopped by my blog so I could discover yours! There is Soooo much great information here! I am happily following you back!

Rosies said...

What a great idea! Pick me! Pick Me! :)

Cute blog! Thanks for all the awesome tips!

steufel said...

Thxs for visiting my blog and point me to this opportunity. I grabbed your button and loved to be considered.

My Blog:

My shop:

Anonymous said...

Just started a blog for my etsy shop. The makeover will happen in a few weeks. Thanks for this great opportunity. I really hope that I am chosen :)

Etsy Blog

Etsy Shop


Simplegirl said...

What a great idea. Thank you for your invite, it looks like tons of fun.

Jocelyn said...

This is a fantastic idea. Please consider my blog and etsy store:-)

Valery (CEO Wanna Be) said...

Hi I have a business and a blog. I am building my business but its growing as we speak. I am always looking for publicity for it.

BeaderBubbe said...

Love to follow....catch me at


Jessica said...

Hi! Thanks so much for letting me know about this! What a fantastic idea--I'd love to get chosen!
I have an Etsy shop that's all about fancy-ing up your cupcakes--here's my link:

and my blog:

Thanks so much for giving your readers such a great opportunity!


Mindy said...

Sounds fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

Blondie said...

Love your blog spot...Thanks for hosting the blog boost! I am your newest follower. Have a great day!


~SHANNON~ said...

following you from the blog hop! Hope you will come follow back! Thanks!


Amethystmoon said...

Great idea! wish my business was up and running to join in, but still in early stages.

Thanks for linking up at Tuesdays gone on Life Music Laughter