"Back to top" button tutorial

Hi everybody! Are you ready for a new blog tutorial here at Design It Chic?! So let's get started then! Without further ado, the topic for today is: add a floating "back to top" button. This tutorial is going to be fun and simple, so what are we waiting for?!.. Let's start the party!


1. First step, you have to upload your own picture to an image hosting website, such as Flickr, ImageShack, TinyPic, or any other.

2. Now you're ready to get to the next step, so you need to sign in your blogger "Dashboard", go to "Design" and then press the "Edit HTML" tab.

3. Next, scroll down the page until you find this tag, or simply use the Ctrl + F (for Windows users) or Command + F (for MAC users) combination on your keyboard to find it faster:


4. Once you found it, add the following piece of code right above it:

5. Now you need to replace the IMAGE URL text in the above code, with the actual URL of your image uploaded on an image hosting website. The end result should look something similar to this:

6. You can change the placement of the button by changing the numbers in the code. The higher the numbers, the farther away from the respective sides of your blog, the button will be.

7. After adding your image URL and customizing the distance between the button and the bottom/right sides of your blog, preview your work, and if everything works out as you want, you can now go ahead and click "save template".

That's it! Hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial!:)

And don't forget, if you missed anything here at Design It Chic, you can check the Blog Tips button at the top of the page for more tutorials, tips to improve your blog's traffic and other amazing how to's, all presented on different levels, from beginners to the more advanced ones!
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Krafty Max Originals said...

Thank you very much! Just finished mine - WONDERFUL!! ~KM

Unknown said...

Thank you for stopping by! I have this on my blog, I use it a lot when my computer is going slow...... Nice Tutorial! I am an Ex IT Gal who loves anything tutorial! I am planning on starting a Tech Tab but haven't found the time LOL. Will stay and check out the site! Have an awesome day!
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Ginger@gingersnapcrafts.com said...

Thanks for this tip! :) Worked for me. Awesome! Thanks for the comment over on my blog, too.


Mandy Beyeler said...

Random question - - is there a way to have a button at the top that will take you halfway down that page? I have a tutorials page, and at the top I'd like to have a way people could click to different sections on that page - -

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This is a great tutorial! Love your site. Stopping by from the blog hop.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I added it to my blog today :)

Erika said...

Thanks a ton for linking me to this tutorial, I am definitely going to have to work this into my template :) Cheers and have a great week!

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How funny - I was looking for something like this! I love working on my HTML, and your tutorial is so straight forward! Thank you!!

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Wow! I didn't know how to do that!!
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Michelle Steiner said...

Great Tutorial, but how can you get it to work on WP themes?

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Patricia said...

What a cool blog love the tutorials.
I am a newbie and just got a new blog design. I wanted to set up a shop but I don't have a clue how to go about it. I have an etsy shop but they have all the tools already there pretty simple. But with the blog I am lost. Sorry for going on and on.

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thanks for stopping by Baca Ohana AND for this wonderful tutorial!!!!

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Jill said...

Great tutorial. I just finished making my own Back to Top button, and it worked great. Thanks!

Wolveus said...

hey great blog and very useful tips, this is pretty simple thanks a lot i will now free up some bytes. i used to have a back to top super code :S