Random Tuesday and the time-out


Well kind of late.. but I'm adjusting.. and technically it's Wednesday already, but bare with me:)Anyway it's random time .. so here it goes:

* the reason I've been MIA for a while is this: my brain cells were kind of tired so i decided to give them a time-out.. and what better way of doing that than taking a vacation:) vacation you say?!?!? that's right.. 10 full days of vacation:).. for short AWESOMENESS!!

* i also visited my best friend D and met her baby girl Iris.. plus i hosted her big girl's 4th b-day party... with tutu and all.. for short... CRAZINESS:)

* oh since i started with short words standing for something more complex... can you tell me what is short for "not realizing what the camera settings were.. took all pictures with that crappy setting .. coming home and realize that the short word for this is ...." yeah you can say it out loud....

* i am still doing laundry 3 days after coming back home.. so the short for this could be .. PIGGISHNESS:).. is that even a word?

* and as vacation comes.. vacation goes... so does random... so I'll let you hanging in there till my brain cells decide they can change the swimming suit to jeans and shirt and get back to business with me:)

See ya all!


AshleyRaDawn said...

Nice I like your short for this words pretty cool!!

The Crazy Coxes said...

Wait! I want to hear more about the vacation! Where did you go? Show pictures so that we're all jealous!

Happy Random!

Terra Heck said...

Sometimes a vacation is just what a person needs to get refreshed. I won't be taking any vacations this year but look forward to spending time at the campground soon.

Mrsbear said...

Nothing more random than having your random thoughts on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.

There isn't a better reason to stay away from the blogosphere than vacation. Glad you enjoyed it. Even if there's an abundance of laundry to follow it. ;)

Kim said...

I am glad you had a great vacation! Hope you are back in the swing of things soon. I always need a couple days to recover from vacation. Take Care.