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Hi all!! Mid week, so we'll clean our blog a bit, to keep up the "unclutterness". Yup that's right, today we'll look into few ways of helping your blog look cleaner by focusing on the posts.
So here it goes:

1. Use fewer but relevant words for your post title. I am sure all of you are good writers, plus everybody has its own unique style, but when it comes to post titles, you got to keep them short and catchy. Nothing turns a reader off like a long dragging title, that by the time they finish reading they forgot what was all about:) I know it's a challenge nonetheless, but it's so worth it, especially since this is also a SEO trick:)

2. Write blocks of text. Even if the content of the post is useful, sometimes the way it's displayed is what makes the difference. Concentrate the essence of the information on different paragraphs. This way your readers will be guided visually on where different "sub-topics" are starting and where they're ending. It must sound stupidly simple, but surveys proved it's working.

3. Alternate with pictures, but don't overload. Pictures are a useful tool to break down the text, but unless you're a photography site, then pictures must remain just tools not become the posts themselves. Ok you can indulge yourself a little treat and throw a post only with pictures once in a while, but at some point readers will want to hear your voice too. And plus the bigger the pictures, the slower the site will load. Plus it'll be more likely that you'll be losing your text among loads of images:) So upload pictures with measure and make your voice heard!

4.Lose the post footer gadgets and stickers. I think i might become obsessed with this gadgets thing, but i can't stress enough how big of a difference it makes to get rid of these unnecessary gadgets that only make the page load slower and add clutter to your blog. By all means, don't get me wrong, gadgets are good, but not all of them and not over-used. You can use the footer of your posts for creating a well constructed linking web that is more SEO appropriate and drives you more hits.

5. Post your signature. I know most people find blog signatures just a designing tool, but indeed it's more than just that! How many great artist had ever created a piece of art without stamp it with their signature? Well not too many! So even if the scale is waaaaay different, why not treat each post as a piece of art and leave your mark behind?!? Plus.. think of it, wouldn't that be the last words/image your readers will be left with when they'll leave your blog??
Also this is another important part of building your blog's brand, but this is another topic for another time:)

That's it for today! Hope it helped!
Check back to see what comes up next in Blogger tutorial section, SEO tips department or how we teach new HTML tricks and tips every day!

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