Find Your Style

These days i was scrolling down the web and found this beautiful baby

It's a decoration test powered by imagini

and it was fun .. you can find your style and you can play with some color schemes.. and eventually you will get to see some nice shots of amazing rooms that can inspire you in your own decoration on a budget.

This is my result:

Seems like I'm a City Slicker Chic after all.. or at least this is what they say.. actually I'm a little bit of everything.. i like to mix things and to get a nice, clean, sleek and chic look to everything.. plus i do state that the difference in a room makeover stands in the color pallete and accessorizing.. but enough with the talking. .,here's some more details over my so called 'city style' ;)

That's about the living room choices

And this up here is all about the place where the magic happens... ulaaaah :D

Seems like this test attributes me more masculine features than i thought.. uuuugh.. I'll prove them wrong when I'll throw girlie stuff all over the places..grrrrr:P

And of course my dreamy office place that i momentarily do not own because we do not have enough space.

Anywhoodle just so you know, whenever I'll stumble over some decor tests I'll shot them right back at you cause i am so into this kind of craziness:)

Till then keep up the good decor work!

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