The 'Look For Less' Sunday - bureau area

OK bloggers, here's the thing: i decided that every Sunday I'll try putting together, just for you, a 'Look For Less' section in which I'll try to find different budget options for a look that otherwise would be much too expensive for a regular budget.

This way it'll be stress free for most of you and budget friendly for everyone! Happy bloggers, happy me:)

So without further ado, this Sunday in the 'Look For Less' section i chose an office makeover. Here's the original office that i am trying to find for less if not half the original price.


Picture courtesy of

This total office costs:

desk - 249$
low hutch - 89$
chair - 119$
chair cushion - 39$
Total 496$

Now my option would be...


Picture courtesy of Target

You can find this item over on Target for only 139.99$ including the desk and the low profile hutch. So instead of paying 338$ you only pay 139.99$. Pretty awesome right?

Now for the chair option we'll visit our favorite store Ikea

Picture courtesy of

And here instead of paying 119$ for the chair you have it right into your home for only 39.99$ . Good deal right?

And for a little more zing here's a chair cushion that resembles the one in the original office, as well from Ikea:

Picture courtesy of Ikea

And you get this for only 9.99$ instead of 39.99$.

And now the total costs were cut from 496$ to only (139.99 + 39.99 + 9.99 =) 189.97$. That's a pretty good deal to me!

And if you want to add a little bit of more pep here's some lightning option that will not spur your budget too much from our friend Target:

Picture courtesy of Target

This beautiful lamp is only 24.99$ and it definitely matches the chic style from your new burro.

And for the color choice you can try either Duron - Potentially Purple or Benjamin Moor - Misty Lilac. Either of them resembles just great the original wall painting.

Hope it helps!
And if you liked this section on our blog please check by again next Sunday to see what else we have here to remake for less zuckeroooo :)

Happy Sunday Everyone!