Fabulous Ottoman Idea

I would always like me some fabulous, decorative, yet comfortable ottoman for my living room, but as i never found one that was fitting perfectly into the look i wanted to create, i actually figured out that i might have more success if i kinda create my own one.
You wonder how?.. well i thought of buying one that fits the form and size and comfort that i was looking for and then buy some yards of fabric that i loved.. and redo the ottoman my own style.

These being said... this is the first trial to find me my mate ottoman :)

Here's the Ottoman from Overstock that i kinda liked and it was also budget friendly

And here's the Fabric i would like to cover the nice ottoman with

So you guys can figure out how this should look like put together right?.. What do you guys say?.. Is that ottoman one of a fit choice for me or is it just too 'tacky'?
Also if u pass by,shoot me down with some other ideas as well!
Hope you enjoy the first option here tough..
One down, more to come :) Stay tuned!