What do you do with a drunken sailor?

Well it's not actually a sailor.. and it's not quite drunken either. Actually it's all about color...
So what do you do when you're bored around the house? Of course you're right: you start looking for DIY projects. And what kind of DIY projects can you do when your pay check is far away from coming home to mama ? Of course you're digging your basement for some paint you bought a while ago and forgot to use it.

Well lucky me i found in our basement some remaining paint from the living room. And as i said before, being home alone(husband at work), i started painting the hallway myself.. what do you think, i wanted something with stripes.. lots of stripes...

Of course the stripes are not straight. What were you thinking?..Where you thinking that i wanted them straight?? Nooooo.. anybody could have done them straight.. i wanted them to be uneven.. and messy.. and NOT STRAIGHT:P (I'm just trying to get myself out of this one ..the truth is that i was tired from sticking and unsticking the painting band and it was already 11pm which says it all..)

Anyway, just saying.. i hope you guys have a great week!