DIY Hardware

You might think that this is a post where i share with you some of my experience with hardware around the house.. well it's not.. it's actually something more like a virtually DIY project.. let me explain: i was webbing around and then on the Bower Power blog i saw her post linking to Anthropologie store.. first thing i did before reading BP's post was to check out what the Anthropologie has to say about this:).. and there it was.. this DIY virtual project. You can choose from different furniture(you can also select the color of each piece of furniture) to which later you can add your own choice of hardware(also you ca choose colors to some of them) from the Anthropologie store.

So here's some of the DIY Virtually Projects i did..

This is Chic:

And this is more retro-like:

Now, go check the Anthropologie web and then show back with your own choice of super duper hardware!

Happy Hardware everyone!