Wrap it up

OK guys i won't keep it long today. I just wanted to share with you some crafts.. actually is not even crafts.. is just a DIY project i got started half an hour ago and i thought is cute enough to share:)

I always love me some white crunchy chocolate.. no, i am not keeping diets.. my physique is having its own self control.. i am just one of those happy people:P .. but as i was saying... crunchy chocolate always tickles my tastes.. and as we were having one around the house, i just went for it. But before eating it, it just hit me! The wrap was lame and depressing.. too commercial for my tastes.. look:

And so i thought i wanted something more cheerful.. so up to the decorating the chocolate i was.. (sounds weird right? decorating the chocolate?.. when in fact generally chocolate itself is used to make decorations, for Christmas and stuff.. but however this was my crazy thought at the moment and i went for it)

I opened the chocolate's wrapping box and i discovered this beautiful silver wrapping paper..

smth much better to work with, right? right...

Then i went through my wraps and found this striped pink patterned wrapping paper. I cut some of it and then wrap the chocolate over the silver wrapping thing. Look how it turned:

Pretty hot, right?
But i still felt like something was missing.. so it just popped into my head: a name tag sort of thingy!!! I just took a black pen and some white paper and i started doing swirls all over the edge.. and then... Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!:

Pretty cute right? Now i can give it away as a small host gift or so.. or even let it on my coffee table just for decor purposes.. or just eat it like a piggy:)

You get to choose! Tell me guys.. is this chocolate wrapping thing good enough to be eaten, to be used as decor or to be given away! Shoot me with choices:)