Flower Power !!!

Well I admit I am not quite the green thumb and sometimes i kill the sweet flowers in our home! The first ones who died on me where some Pansies i got from my husband right after we moved to our first rental. Here's how they were supposed to look like:

Then I received a red Christmas Star or Poinsettia.. but short after the Christmas she died..i don't know if she was supposed to or i just neglected her because of the moving out situation.

Now when i suffered her loss i said i will never buy plants who have flowers.. maybe that's the reason why they keep dieing on me. So we bought a Yucca(or at least i guess that's how it's called). I didn't know much about it, but i know that my best friend had one from her mom and she said then that they were pretty resistant and once they grow up, even if they grow so slow, they become a real tree indeed.. I didn't tend to believe her right then but when i saw this picture i knew she was right:

Hers looks kinda like this big right now:

We got two of these and they're quite healthy so far and still growing:D

I won't mention the bamboo i killed a few weeks ago by over watering it, or the seasonal flowers -tulips, blue-bells and daffodils- that i used to have(the seasonal ones aren't my fault.. they were supposed to last just a mnth or two..which they did). But I am still looking forward for the weather to get more stable here so i can buy some more plants now that i have 3 pots available from the seasonal flowers that died. SO i say bring on the weather I'll bring the bulbs(or seeds/or the plant already grown a little..whichever looks cooler;))

What about you ? Are you guys great with flowers or are you just the disaster i am? Dish the flower dirt!