April Fools

I know it's April Fools everyone.. so i won't buy anything that seems unreal today! I tend to be more suspicious than regularly and i don't believe most of the 'wow' news i hear. However if something is real.. tell me tomorrow and I'll give more thought!

Anyway . i don't want to fool you guys today so i thought a post about how to recreate a fab' "closet-office" would work out just fine!

Well I've been looking for choices of furniture that you can buy at good prices and I found 2 super duper hot deals!

The inspiration ..well better let's just get to business:)

The inspiration room was this built-in closet workspace featured on the Sunset:

But not all of us have these closets on the hand to be used for this purpose. So for the unlucky ones , i have a suggestion that it might just help a little. I went over to one of my favorite stop shops, Ikea , and found this tiny piece of heaven who can replicate the built-in-closet just fine!

And for 399$ and 2 coats of wood white paint, you will get your own "closet workspace" exactly in the place you'd like it to be:)

On the other hand if you want to keep it at smaller scales, you can go for the exact sum to CB2 and buy this beautiful indie wardrobe that with some imagination, can be used as a workstation and yet not to suck up all the space in the room.

And for an impression over the height of the wardrobe here's a picture so you can relate yourself to the height of a dining table:

It's not quite the built-in-closet-workspace but it gives a good replica and i believe it also gives you options over the color, the display place and the height of your new sanctuary :)

What do you think? Do you guys, have closet-offices as well? And what did you do with all the 'stuff' you had in there? Don't you need that storage space? Give tips back to us!