First Peek

OK guys I'll keep it short today 'cause my head hurts really bad and my thoughts are literally spinning around in my head.

So as i said, this vacation(it was more like a 5-days-off)we managed to give some facelifts to our home....rearranging things, re-use others and even buy one or two things here and there

Anyway, today i decided to give you a sneak peek over one corner of our home. Any guess?? However,it's not completely done..we're half way there..but there you go... and I'll reveal more these days..

It is said that these kind of stuff make people curious...i doubt it and i even make a bet with myself that I'll have the same amount of readers tomorrow as today and any other day for that matter(that is sadly 0-2:P)
Pweetty pweease prove me wrong!
Happy Thursday Everyone!


Katie @ said...

Well I'm here. And I'm curious! ;)

Design It Chic said...

Much love sent overseas(now)!!! I'll reveal the half way project on Monday(i should be waiting til' it's 100% done but i got to excited so I'll just break the silence:).. so make sure to stop by!Monday... remember?;)
Oh and way to go Miss Pilot! Will catch up where i left off with your stories in no time:)
Happy Weekend!