Parasol Mag Issue 2

I know I'm the last to know in the hood.. but bare with me here..I'm too dang tired early in the mornin', so that's why it's just now(1mnth later) that I've found out.. well better later than never..anyway to cut it's the dealeo

There's a new art mag on the catwalk these days that it's just great..It's called Parasol Magazine and lemme give you just 3 reasons why it's becoming so popular so fast:

#1. cause it includes all areas of art
#2. cause it gives opportunity to people like you and i to jump in
#3. cause it's in PDF format also and it's absolutely FREE!!!!

I got you now with the 'FREE' word right?..

Picture Courtesy of Parasol Magazine

Now go check the mag's site and download the 2nd issue(and the 1st if you wish)from there and come back to report your thoughts..tell me what you guys think.... I for one think it's too dang cute!

Happy Friday!


valentine said...

wow, what a fun magazine! i am not good with the art at all, but i enjoyed going to their site to check it out!

thanks for stopping by my blog and spreadin some love! hope to hear from you again!

Design It Chic said...

Yup yup! Will hear from me soon:)


I'm intrigued. Going to go have a look-see. Thanks so much for stopping by earlier!

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by 'Pair' Slices! I had fun browsing through your blog. Have a happy Sunday!