Surprisingly Homey

These days I've been looking for some other chic/natural look inspiration rooms and i instead found this amazing cute couple from back in LA, that has this weird industrial home. But it's something about it that makes it feel so cozy and homey,and i kinda like it in a way. I don't quite know what is it, but you take a look yourselves and tell me what it is that makes it so unique and appealing to teh eye, cause it literally drives me freakin' crazy !!!

Pictures Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

I think these guys have such a unique sense of style if they made it to pull off this 'barn-like' home and make it feel so cozy and homey and soooo happy! Congrats' you guys! You amazed me!
Oh, and if you want to check more on Justin and Joshua's place and their story go over Apartment Therapy