Green of Envy

Well it is said that there shouldn't necessarily be a special day for your husband to buy you a gift..but in this economy this became kind of a dream for most of us. But still..wouldn't it be nice girls, for your husbands to surprise you for no apparent reason? I bet it would be nice, right? * and i know you all out there "umpffff" in front of your computers right now nodding with me:)*

Well, now here starts the envy part.. I always said that my husband is a keeper and now here's a proof. Few days ago, he came home with these babies...

I was in total shock and also in the 9th cloud!
Take a closer look now.. maybe this would give you a better idea of how beautiful these babies are:

Yup that's right they are fabulous glasses...with gorgeous green details oh so dreamy..and there's actually 6 of 'em...SCORE!!! Imagine some home made ice-cream scoops in there:) Sweet!
What do you guys think? Beautiness??? I think so!
Oh how i love my dear dear husband:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Clare said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and cheering me up. It worked!

Design It Chic said...

Glad to hear that, Clare! I'll check your blog more often now that i know of you:)And don't be afraid to stop by here sometimes may or may not find smth entertaining;)

Happy Thursday!

MaryRC said...

NIIIICCE! okay you can keep him. thanks for stopping by my blog via sits!