Living in the city

There's many reasons why not to live in the city; all the noise, and the crowded places, even the air is thicker in the city. But there's places that simply make you just forget about all the other inconvenience and just stay in love with what surrounds you. This is just an example of that:

Pictures Courtesy of Phoebe Howard

How cute is this city apartment? All those chic accents and the color pallets are so calm and soothing... oh so dreamy.

I think this is the best way to start the weekend!
Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


Amy and her little family said...

wow those places look awesome!

Katie Lane said...

I LOVE the bedrooms!

Evy said...

Thank you for sharing - lovely photos! I really wish my apartment could look anything remotely like your pics, but with finances and hubby disagreeing on decor, it's soo difficult!

Kim said...

Lovely! I wish I could pull of white in our house, but not with a black lab. We will be seeing Kinsey hairs until long after she is gone.

Jessica said...

Those bedrooms look oh so wonderful!