Speeding up your blog page

Hi all!! Today we'll be talking about: speeding up your blog page!
You wonder why this is important? Well it's proven that if your page loads slow, after 7-10 seconds a visitor is likely to leave you and move on the next great blog they have on their bookmark list. So i say it's important! And since we can't change every visitor's internet speed and computer, we'll be focusing on actually speeding up our page loading time with a few tricks anyone can apply.

So first thing to improve your page loading speed is by customizing your images. This is a bit harder when animations is involved, but as far as JPG and PNG, things get easier. The only thing you need to consider is that your image should stay under the 10kb size. As long as that is possible, the loading speed is good. Any picture larger than that will load slower, and multiply that by 3/4 pictures per post and then multiply again by 3/4 posts per page.. that would be around 15 pictures per page and being bigger than 10kb, well that will definitely be a fiasco for most visitors. But if you stick to this rule, things will be good again. But if you really need to upload big pictures, like if you are a photography site or such, at least don't allow more than one post(containing 4-5 pictures) per page, to make things a bit easier for the loading process.

Next thing to increase your page loading speed, is working a bit on your HTML. Lose all the unnecessary attributes that some editors might use. While there are some that are beneficial to optimizing your page for search engines, there are some others that aren't necessary, so whenever you mess with your blog HTML have that in the back of your mind, or if you call on an expert ask that from them too. There are a million attributes and tags let loose on some blog's HTML.. I'm seeing that everyday.. heck on some bad days i forget about some on my own page.. so just make sure you stick to this as much as possible, so you can end up with a clean HTML and faster loading speed for your blog.

Another thing that might help speeding up your blog's loading time is advertisements, or better said, the way they're running on your blog. If you are using for instance one of those advertisements that are run from a different server than you page, then if that server unfortunately goes down or slow, that will have a very big impact on your blog's page loading speed. So either make sure that the server that host your ads are reliable, or even better, support your own ads.
And the last thing we're bringing up today when it comes to speeding up your page loading time is: tables. Well fist let me explain what tables are. Nope they're not one of those cool Ikea tables you're lurking for:P Well tables are one of those design tool for HTML documents that allow designers to better control the blog's layout to make it more visually interesting for visitors. In short they are used to design blog columns, navigation bars, framing images, etc. They are tempting i must admit. Who doesn't want a blog that looks like Heidi Montag after plastic surgery:P *scratch that* no one wants that but still.. you get me. There's many of us who want to win the best looking blog award right?:P And i know that tables help make your blog visually attractive, but if that takes its toll on loading time, i might have to say no to that.. or take at least a bit of everything:)

Well that's kind of it for today. Hope it helped each of us learn a bit more about how to make our blogs more usable! And don't forget to check back to see what comes up next in Blogger tutorial section, SEO tips department or how we teach new HTML tricks and tips every day!


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Nana Poppins said...

I love the new blogs I stumble upon with these blog hops. Glad I found yours :) Came in on the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop!

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Images are a problem for me. I have to have them large in many cases because my designs are very detailed and they don't show up in smaller sizes, and I can't reduce the size in other ways too much because it makes the image look bad, which might make people think the printed product will look the same. So I guess I'll just have to settle for slow there.