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Hi all! New week starting off great so today we're teaching another one of our easy HTML tutorials! We've received lots of emails asking how you can make your pictures, previous posts or other friend's sites to open in a new tab instead of switching back and forth using the browser buttons.
So naturally, our topic for today is exactly that: how to make a link open in a new tab.

First thing you need to transform the external sites or previous posts into hyperlinks. If you don't know how to do that, you can find how to create hyperlinks right here. The pictures will work just fine as they are, but the other friend's sites or previous posts of yours, you'll need to transform them into links first.

Once you have that done, everything is simple: you just need to add this piece of code into the mix:

Now i will show you where to add it in each case, for both pictures or other hyperlinks.

To make the pictures open in a different tab, you need to add that code right here:

To make other links open in a different tab, you need to add that code right here:

Here is one example for both, picture and link so you can see what I'm talking about:

And here are our good friends at: Flowerz In Her Hair!

See, they both open in different tabs rather than just having you go back and forth with the browser tools. Easy-peasy, right?! Now just try it out and play with it and you'll see how easy this actually is! That's it for today! Hope it helped!!

Check back to see what comes up next in Blogger tutorial section, SEO tips department or how we teach new HTML tricks and tips every day!

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