Different Backgrounds For Each Post

Hi all! Are you ready for a new blog tutorial here at Design It Chic!?! Then let's get started! Without further ado, the topic for today is: how to create different backgrounds for each post. This will definitely be a super hit especially if your blog focuses on more topics:)


1. This little trick it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. First thing, you need to sign in your blog's "Dashboard" and then go to "Posting" and select the "New Post" tab. Make sure you're in the "Edit Html" composing mode as shown in the picture below:

2. Now before you start writing your post as you regularly do, you need to add this piece of code in your blog's text editor:

3. Once you added the code, you now need to upload the picture you want to use as the post's background to a free image web-host. A few examples are: Flickr, ImageShack, TinyPic, etc.

4. Once you have uploaded your picture, you need to copy the direct link of your picture and paste it instead of "YOUR_PICTURE'S_LINK" part of the code given in the second step of this tutorial. If you don't know how a "picture's link" looks like, here's an example:

5. Now you can start typing your post, but your text should be written before the ending "div" tag as shown in the picture below:

6. After you're done writing your post, everything should look something similar to this:

7. Now you can hit "Publish Post", and your post should look like this:

That's it! Hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial. Now you can have a different background to each post you want, by simply uploading new photos in your Flickr account and change the picture's link in the code above. This way not only will you impress your readers with how cool you are but you can also keep your posts organized by the background theme:) Pretty neat, right?!

And don't forget, if you missed anything here at Design It Chic, you can check the Blogger tutorial section for more tutorials, the SEO department for more tips to improve your blog's traffic or check out the Unclutter tips column for more tips on making your blog clean and easy to access!
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