Tiny Little Changes

Well today i was cleaning the bedroom as every morning and after piking up all the small items (tea cups, small spoons, napkins, vitamins, my jewelries and stuff like that)that we left around the bed at night(yeah when we're tired we tend to throw things around the bed without caring for the mess...even tough i am a cleaning freak.. at night those freak-ish instincts go away.. but they come back in the morning more powerful than the day before:P ), anyway..i saw this little basket on our side table. And i remembered it was a gift from my mom.
I didn't quite liked the color of it so i just put it somewhere where i forgot about it. Today tough, i decided to do something about it, so i put my gloves on, took my paints and paint brushes and i started the work.

I'm sorry i forgot to take a before picture of the actual basket but i looked over the internet to find something that looked pretty close to what my basket used to look like.. and i found this picture:

It's the small one in the right lower corner ..or sort of.. :)

After 30 min and 2 coats of white wood paint, the result was this:

I find it quite nice and chic comparing to the initial look. And I'm working on the place where to put it! I'll share with you once everything is done there.. til' then i hope you enjoyed my basket makeover!

Buah buahye!!!