Glass Love

Well i don't know how about you guys, but when it comes to glass and white ceramic i go 'goo goo' :) I always loved the chic pure look that simple ceramic and simple clear glass gives to any picture, and for this reason every time i find an item that is made of these materials i instantly fall in love with it!

That is what happened to me today. I was out in town with my husband, we were doing grocery shopping and as always we walked to the grocery market, just to maintain our physical condition:P(NOT.. actually our car is in service right now so we are kinda forced to do that.. but no worries soon this will change..hopefully:) anyway we were walking to the store and mistakenly(or not) my favorite thrift store is right in or way. I just asked the husband to get in , just for a peek.. "pleaaaaase!!".. and he endured to make me happy:D

we got in .. and i was oooooooooooo stunned.. i immediately fell in love with this little fellow...

The husband couldn't resist my childish look, so he bought it for me.. only 1.50$.. A steal i tell you:D And if you wonder why these greens are showing off in my 'new' glass vase, it's because of this:

Pretty nice right? I find the pink tulips so pure and sensible and elegant.. and i couldn't resist not stealing a bunch :)(actually we payed for them but is a figure of speech:P but however the husband always buys me some fresh ones every week or two, cause he knows i love i was covered with that one anyway.. oh and plus they are not that expensive... 2$ for a 10 pieces bouquet.. i spread them around the house in different vases and i get a fresh , chic, sophisticated look for the whole week.. we both enjoy it everybody HAPPY:)
Aren't they look gorge' in my 'new' glass vase? Do you guys have any specific materials that make you go crazy every time you see an item made of them? If so, do tell!!!