The 'Look For Less' Sunday - bedroom makeover

OK guys as you already know it's Sunday and it's time for the 'look for less' section here over DesignItChic. Last week there was an amazing bureau area that we tried to get the look for the cheapo. This week i was looking for something more relaxed and airy and i found this bedroom that goes well with the previous post over the turquoise color... i guess it's the result of the turquoise curse after all.. but all in all i find it cozy.

So here's the Original Look that honestly i have no clue how much did it cost...but we'll try get the look for cheapo minus the white vent above the bed that i find quite tacky...i would actually replace that one with this chandelier

Picture Courtesy of

And now for the mood break; I thought that the best Paint that would resemble the existing one would be Valspar - Ultra Premium Jungle Thicket 6003-4C (you can find it at Lowes stores)

Picture Courtesy of

Now for the fabric on the headboard and the chairs you can roll over to HouseFabric

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This specific fabric was only 8.99$ per yard and i guess around 6 yards would do teh trick for both headboard and chairs.

Now the bedding i found something that goes cozy over at Target for only 34.99$ Queen size.

Picture Courtesy of Target

And a Throw that would go good with the bedding and of course it's Target price

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Now the Cushion and the Cushion Cover are coming from Ikea

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The art over the bed can be replace with the Flowers In Her Hair one from DreamOfStars in 11"x11" in blue/natural

(I only have the picture in yellow ochre/brown)Picture Courtesy of DreamOfStars

The Dress Form i found was something that looked pretty close to the original one, only that is black, but with some leftover fabric around the house or even the one used for the headboard it can be fabulously repurposed in no time

Picture Courtesy of
DressFormMall eBay

The Mirror can be perfectly replaced with this Ikea mirror in the biggest size available; it should cost something like 99.99$

Picture Courtesy of Ikea

And now the last but not least, the Lamps, although they don't quite resemble those ones(that look more like Zgallerie style)i believe these ones fit perfectly with the clean decor and the price it's fabulous...only 89.95$ for the set of two...

Picture Courtesy of

Now the only thing i didn't count was the furniture itself cause this one i considered that it's kinda already there.. everybody has a bed and some side tables in their homes...and the chairs they would be perfect finds in the thrift stores around the neighborhood. So go check yours see what you can find to match the above ones. But on the whole i believe that the options are quite similar or if not they give a good overall vibe and everything is at good prices. You can't beat the bedroom makeover for under 400$ bucks paint included.

So if you guys find something similar that can be posted as a 'Look For Less' makeover don't hesitate to email me and I'll post you right here over Design It Chic for everybody to enjoy!
See you next Sunday...and til' then... goooooo fabulous on a budget!