Gooooo Flower Power!!!

When coming to flower inspiration, I always go to the mother of them all: Martha Stewart. I know she has pretty hot prices for her creations.. but i get my inspiration and then i try to recreate that look for less money. * Who doesn't do that?? *
Anyway the summer season is upon us and i have this thing that i change my flower preferences depending on the season. So for this summer i went with beautiful peonies, delicate lilies and stunning pink orchids for my tastes.
Which one of these bouquets inspires you most for a summer table centerpiece or for a chic mantel full of summer glow and luxury?




Pictures courtesy of Martha Stewart Flowers

Sometimes the simplest things bring happiness and joy to our day!
So??? Any other beautiful flowers you guys have in mind? Do share the flower dirt!:)
Happy Chillax Thursday!


DeenScene said...

i like your fashion picks. i;m alsoa diy girl. check out my earrings on my blog.


Tricia McWhorter said...

You're right. You can't really miss with orchids, roses and peonies. But I'm also very fond of lilacs and columbine too.

Jessica said...

My favorite is the first one! So pretty!

Anonymous said...

I like any flowers that are orange! ;)

I always look through pottery barn for decorating ideas and then I go to cheapo stores and get the supplies and concoct it for a fraction of the price!

Kim said...

Beautiful arrangements! My daughter got yellow daisies for her dance teacher after her rectial and they almost lasted a month...I am not a fan!

Have a great weekend!

Mercedes said...

they are all good. The orchids are stunning.

Tricia McWhorter said...

Stop by my blog when you get a chance. I left you a little surprise there.

Helene said...

Those are all so beautiful!!!! My favorites are sunflowers but those don't make the best centerpieces. I also like purple irises.

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!!!

Evy said...

I looove peonies - I have a freshly-discovered passion about them! I love the smell, the look, and the way they form such a beautiful bouquet. And they make any room look a little more chic!

Mel said...

LOVE the orchids! I just am in love with that color I think. Tulips aer my fave and I also love Gerber Daisys in bright colors!

MaryRC said...

i love the orchids, but its so hard to find fake ones that look good and not cost an arm and a leg. i cant remember where i read it but i vowed to no longer use bad fake floral in my decor, which meant i had to completely redecorate! :-)

Kate said...

Those peonies are gorgeous!!!!