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Hello everybody! New week starting of great and since the end of the year is coming up close, we'll be featuring some of our best blog tutorials going on this year. So if you've missed any HTML tips or any improving your website tricks, brought to you by Design It Chic, here's the chance of catching up with them all:)

Today we'll be focusing on how to make and maintain your blog clutter-free!

The first trick we need to know when we create our blog, is that the homepage is what gets our visitors to stay or leave. So putting a bit more time and effort into making that page more readers-friendly, is the great start to a successful blog! If you feel a bit disoriented and need some help, here are just a few quick tricks to guide you through achieving a great homepage!

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Now that you captured your readers' attention, you need to offer them great content through your blog. There's so many blogs with amazing content and because they don't know how to serve it to their readers, not too many notice them. So in the hope that you won't be one of those unnoticed blogs, you need to focus your attention on your posts decluttering. If you need guidance, here is a great list of things you can do to easily present your posts in a much appealing way!

Taking care of your posts is as important as brushing off your sidebars and your blog's footer. You need to have information available for your readers, or else they will drop you like a wet dog in the streets:P In order to prevent that, we made up a step-by-step list on how to declutter your blog's sidebars and footer!

And since we all know how time is important to each and one of us, we need to consider that for our reader's sake too. Maybe someone likes your article and would like to comment you with either a question or to just congratulate you on your writing skills. In return, as a sign of appreciation and consideration, you also need to make this process easier for the reader. So keeping your comments process easy, will actually go a long run! If you don't know how to do that, you can get a look at our easy to follow list of tips to keep the comments process simple!

Now we pretty much covered the entire blog in great lines, so hopefully everybody who missed these series on keeping your blog clutter-free, will be able to catch up on them. Also if there is anything that you don't find in here, you can browse through our Blogger tutorials for more blog-handy tips and easy HTML tutorials, plus you can check our Blog tips for more improving your web traffic secrets!:)

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